THRīv Managing Partners    




Dianne Mairone
Managing Partner

  • Global Consulting experience in complex organizations
  • Builds current and future talent capability
  • End to end delivery of culture and people strategies
  • Joint venture and acquisition experience
  • Leadership, culture, change and talent development
  • Executive Coach
  • Expertise in Large Scale systems change and design thinking 

Bob Wolf
Managing Partner

  • Global Senior Management Team Member and Business Advisor
  • Organization Design for High Performance
  • Experience with multi-functional/matrixed businesses
  • Lecturer for Georgetown Executive Masters in Healthcare Systems
  • Pragmatic and Disruptive approaches to change
  • Executive Coach


Key Partnerships

We continue to develop key partnerships with leading organizations that are an integral part of the way we work and continue to provide innovative, customized solutions.


Assessment for Selection and Development

Select International works with us to provide validated, predictive instruments for selection, and team and individual assessment for development. Hiring and retaining the right talent is supported with easy to use on-line industry specific tools. 

Ensuring that you have the proper mix of technical and behavioral skills is critical to meeting today's and tomorrow's business requirements.  Our comprehensive employee assessments and support help you hire and develop the best, most productive workforce possible while impacting business critical risk factors including employee safety, turnover, and  customer satisfaction.  

If you are interested in a review of your critical needs and risk factors contact us today.    



Employee Engagement and Insights

Spring International and our work together is changing the way employee engagement is embedded, providing insights and producing change in organizations.

If you are up for viral, real-time engagement on key issues, we can provide dynamic solutions and insights.  Millenials love it. Every employee values being asked for their input. This type of viral engagement represents more of what employees want in their work environments more often.

If you want to have us take a look at your current employee engagement survey data for further insights, we welcome you to try us out. We'd love to take a look at what you have been up to.


Culture of Ongoing Feedback

If you want a disruptive Game Changer in your environment, DevelapMe is a window in. Real-time feedback provides employees and leaders the opportunity to rate one another with specific, timely feedback.

Algorithms provide feedback on the quality of the interactions, in order to create positive improvement.

Organizations are moving away from performance ratings and moving toward ongoing feedback. This is truly a Game Changer for those looking to step up and change the game.

Interested in a trial run?  Contact us today.